Power to the pictures

Frameright was born as a result of our own experiences and frustrations with publishing images.

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Our story

Ilkka and Marina founded Frameright because they both experienced the same problems in working with images.

Ilkka has 20 years of experience as a developer, teacher and founder in the tech industry. He experienced that image display was a recurring problem when building websites. Marina was a photojournalist and art photographer, and no matter what kind of a project she was working on, there were always issues with making the final images display properly on the web.

The founders noticed that  unpredictable digital environments were starting to affect which stories were getting told, restricting creativity and depreciating visual culture significantly. It was causing frustration among creatives and techies alike. Workarounds were complicated and expensive. All together the unstable technical environment started to affect the way visual content is created. Ilkka and Marina decided to find a solution, and Frameright was born.

Summer 2021 at our Berlin office