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IDC is how we envision a world where it is easy for everyone to empower pictures and create visually appealing and consistent content.

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Transforming Visual Storytelling with IDC

Ilkka and Marina founded Frameright because they both experienced the same frustration of publishing images without something breaking along the way. Ilkka experienced this as a developer, and Marina experienced this as a photographer. It was clear early on that the problem, although strongly related to photography, was not only experienced by photographers. It is a global problem that affects everyone, including creators, developers, and businesses.

The very first MVP of Frameright, created during the Uutisraivaaja Media Innovation competition, was a Photoshop plug-in. However, we realized that most people working with content do not use Photoshop as part of their workflow, including professional photographers. That’s why we decided to build a browser-based UI that can be used by anyone and which can be integrated into all content management systems. One of the early priorities was to make the Image Display Control approach a standard, so we worked together with the IPTC to extend the Photo Metadata standard with Image Regions. Computer Vision came into the picture through a cooperation with dpa, the German Press Agency. This was the beginning of Frameright's dynamic AI that is capable of telling compelling visual stories instead of only center-focused cropping.

We are from Finland and have a strong presence in Germany. Currently, we are located at the inspiring SCNE offices in Berlin sharing the space with our investors and other amazing startups. We are dedicated to working on Image Display Control technology so that everyone has the tools to focus on their tasks and be sure that they are working towards a fair, appealing and consistent visual culture.

Frameright Founders and two team members posing for a picture on a rooftop terrace at the SCNE Offices with Berlin cityscape in the background.
Summer 2021 at our Berlin office