Image Cropping AI — Beyond Object Recognition

Composing images involves more than simply placing an object within a frame. Our model goes beyond object detection to understand what kind of frame is aesthetically pleasing.

To achieve this understanding of how to compose images, we built our model on a dataset of over 1 million images that were all cropped into various shapes by professional image editors. This method allowed us to identify the dynamics of image composition.

Benefits OF

Frameright AI

  • Diversity and transparency
  • Augementd approach for full control
  • Styles change, Frameright AI evolves together with you

Machine w/ Human — speed and precision

We use our in-house built deep learning model that involves multiple layers of processing. The model is capable of examining images from multiple different perspectives and dimensions. Through some mathematical magic, our network becomes more accurate over time.

The Frameright AI runs in the background of the Frameright interface, suggesting suitable crops. You can then adjust them as needed, and the AI will follow your direction in real-time.

Our "augmented intelligence" approach combines the speed of machines with the accuracy of humans, allowing for immediate corrections to mistakes in the workflow. This means that errors in image crops caused by the AI can be corrected right away, resulting in a smoother and more efficient workflow. The model also learns from the changes you make and evolves to crop images in a way that matches your personal preferences and style.

Illustration symbolizes Frameright's AI for image cropping, with the heart and eye representing the human touch, while differently shaped boxes represent the machine and digital environment.

Committed to Diversity and Transparency

We are committed to creating inclusive technology. In a diverse world, it is essential to know the ingredients of your model to fight against biased AI. Cropping out individuals based on their race, gender or any other characteristic, whether intentionally or unintentionally, should never happen. There has to be a way to show the world as it is.

By understanding what is in the model, we can comprehend why certain decisions are made and work towards making the dataset more representative. With the Frameright AI program, you can create a bespoke model that learns and evolves with your unique style. This way, we can add transparency and you will know precisely on which data your model has been trained, allowing you to make informed decisions on how to tackle any possible issues.

Another approach to creating better and unbiased AI and improving overall visual culture is to preserve the augmented approach's capabilities. This way, we can correct any issues and, in the long run, reduce bias by retraining the model with better and more precise data.

Capture Your Unique Style

Aesthetics are subjective, and we understand that every organization and individual has their own idea of what makes a "good photograph." That's why we empower you to define your own evolving style.

We'll deploy our in-house model on your company's dataset to understand your framing and style preferences. Then, we'll fine-tune our hyperparameters to create an AI for image cropping that understands your unique style and aesthetics.

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