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Image Regions Standard for easy image asset handling

Frameright is the ultimate solution for developers to work with responsive images in all use cases. You no longer need to rely on hacky workarounds. Frameright's Image Display Control (IDC) is a modern, decentralized approach to controlling image behavior in unpredictable environments. End users can manage assets without breaking anything. IDC is built on top of the IPTC photo metadata format, which is the standard for controlling image behavior.

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  • Keep responsive images in control
  • No more CSS hacks
  • Saves your time and nerves

How IDC works

Image Display Control metadata works perfectly with the CSS aspect ratio and HTML srcset properties. IDC saves all the control instructions in the embedded metadata of the asset, so the instructions are always available wherever the file goes. No need to rely on complicated API calls or external systems. Combine IDC with any framework, pipeline or CDN of your choosing

With Frameright APIs you can introduce the Frameright browser client and AI into any system, empowering everyone to position visual content responsively. There’s no need for you to keep jumping in with hacks and one-off solutions. Learn more about Image Display Control.

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Illustration of a heart symbolizing Frameright's affection towards metadata and how metadata makes controlling responsive images easy and fun.

The magical metadata

Every image file, such as JPEG or PNG, contains metadata that can describe specific areas of the image or indicate how it should be cropped or rotated to best fit a given container. The three main formats of metadata that can coexist in a file are IPTC, Exif, and XMP. The IPTC council has defined a standard for storing Image Regions in XMP, this is what we use with Frameright IDC.

Frameright.app can be used to define image regions and insert them into the metadata of a picture, giving you ultimate control over your visual assets in future projects. Whether you are working on a one-person production or a big global organization with in-house and freelance teams, responsive images won’t be a problem.

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Getting started with IDC

There are many ways you can bring the benefits of IDC into your projects. Our ready-made solutions and APIs support many platforms, including web frontends, node.js, PHP and Wordpress. Some of the most common ways to implement IDC include:

  • You have a CMS or a framework to publish material and you want to ensure your images always show correctly. Check out our ready-made integrations to quickly integrate with your platform of choice.
  • You want to embed the Frameright editor directly inside your CMS or publishing system. Check out the Frameright editor integration guide.
  • You want to enrich your existing image material with IDC metadata. Check out the guides for using the Frameright editor or API for Image Display Control metadata creation and embedding.

These are just some of the ways you can get started with the power of IDC. Explore our developer portal for a full list of integrations, guides and documentation.

Developer portal

APIs for all use cases

Frameright Editor API

Frameright Editor API allows you to integrate the Frameright web editor into any system, so you can bring the power of our UI directly into your CMS, application or platform.

IDC Metadata Parsing API

The IDC Metadata Parsing API generates properly framed images based on the metadata in the master image file. You can then use your own CDN to deliver the images or use our partner CDN, which natively supports the metadata format.

Automated Cropping API

If images do not already contain relevant metadata, the Automated Image Cropping API can provide framing suggestions in real-time. The best use of this API is to batch process large sets of images, such as archives.

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