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With Frameright's Image Display Control (IDC) technology, businesses can boost engagement, sales, and employee satisfaction. It is both fast and free to implement, making it a great investment. IDC ensures that all your images align with your brand's visual and stylistic requirements, maintaining consistency and compliance across various platforms.

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  • Engage and sell more
  • Save time and money
  • Consistent branding

Better sales with better images

Better pictures lead to more engagement, which in turn increases the visibility of your content. Research shows that you only have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression on the web. The best way to engage your customers is by respecting your audience with quality images while also standing out from your competition with a unique style. With Image Display Control you claim a larger share of digital shelf space in e-commerce and social media. As a result, you will sell more.

Using Frameright, you can manage your own visual landscape and discover the best image display settings for your website or third-party platforms, from e-commerce to social media.

Taking care of your image asset's journey throughout their whole lifecycle is a low hanging fruit that will become one of the best business decisions you make.

Savings and happy employees

Frameright's technology offers a low-investment upgrade that speeds up processes and saves time and money for your team. Compared to standard industry processes, it reduces time usage by 70%. Additionally, it saves on data storage costs as you will no longer need to save hundreds of versions in different locations.

It all starts with taking control of your content. You can use Frameright.app either in a browser or directly integrated into your own CMS, DAM or other system. Frameright provides a new kind of flexibility, allowing the person who is best equipped to define the display parameters to do so. You can also involve external contributors with Frameright’s team features.

By using IDC technology, businesses can ensure that their employees have the tools they need to perform their work efficiently and effectively. This can help reduce uninspiring and repetitive tasks, leading to happier and more motivated employees, leaving more time for meaningful work. According to our survey, cropping images and verifying their display accuracy are among the few job tasks that people dread and do not oppose being replaced by new technologies.

Easy brand compliance for images

Frameright's IDC technology eliminates guesswork and unnecessary costs in image publishing, allowing you to communicate the right message. To establish a clear and consistent brand, it is essential to have full control over your appearance. Images are crucial for reaching potential audiences and, in fact, 80% of potential customers will disengage with any content that doesn't display well on their device.

Whether you're a local shop or a global brand, it's important that your distributors, resellers, advertisers, or influencers represent your brand accurately and confidently. The same goes for the media. Journalistic integrity consists of truthfully telling stories and providing quality content that meets your audience's needs.

Frameright offers a simple and affordable solution to help you attract the right kind of attention and stand out from your competitors.

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Power your communication with transparent AI

The secret to powerful visual storytelling lies in understanding that a picture is more than just a subject in the center of a frame. Dynamics guide the viewer's eye into the frame and evoke the intended emotion. This is achieved through creative choices, balance, and personal style. This philosophy is embedded in our technology. Frameright AI learns your preferences while allowing you to make rapid adjustments. The process is fast and easy.

It is essential to understand the ingredients of the model you work with in order to fight against biased AI. Cropping out individuals based on their race, gender, or any other characteristic, whether intentional or unintentional, should never happen. Frameright protects you from reputational risks and ensures your communications are up to your standards.

With the Frameright AI program, you can create a bespoke model that learns and evolves with your unique style. This way, we can add transparency, and you will know precisely on which data your model has been trained, allowing you to make informed decisions on how to tackle any possible issues.

The augmented approach makes it possible to correct any issues and, in the long run, reduce bias and achieve your style by retraining the model with better and more precise data.

Contact us about enterprise pricing and get access to the Frameright AI program, where a bespoke model learns together with you and continuously evolves with your unique style.

Future proof your most important assets

The benefits of IDC extend far into the future. While the future is unknown, one thing we know for sure is that as new technologies enable bigger images with larger file sizes and design trends evolve, it becomes necessary to redesign your websites and redeploy your image assets according to new standards. To future-proof your pictures, you should always archive them in their richest form. With Frameright, you can easily prepare and adapt by always having access to your original files, allowing you to choose what works best in terms of design.

Layout renewals are often slowed down or even prevented because it is impossible to convert old content to fit the new format. By having a connection to the original file with rich embedded metadata, containing the instructions for various formats, and harnessing Frameright AI, the process of converting into new designs becomes possible with no added cost. Frameright ensures your content will always be future proof.

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