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Working with responsive images as a developer can get messy. They don’t always integrate nicely with your code, leading to hacky workarounds and unhappy customers. 

Our developer solutions make it easy for you to work with images across use cases.

How it works

Frameright and Image Display Control offer a modern, decentralized approach to make the most of the images on your websites, applications and platforms. Built on top of the IPTC photo metadata format, it is the standard for controlling image behaviour in unpredictable environments.

Frameright gives creators the tools to decide how images should be shown in various aspect ratios, sizes and crop factors. With our APIs you can introduce the Frameright browser client and AI into any system, empowering everyone to position visual content responsively. There’s no need for you to keep jumping in with hacks and one-off solutions. 

Image Display Control metadata works perfectly with the CSS aspect ratio and HTML srcset properties. IDC saves all the control instructions in the embedded metadata of the asset, so the instructions are always available wherever the file goes. No need to rely on complicated API calls or external systems. Combine IDC with a framework, pipeline or CDN of your choosing: you always have full control and ownership of your assets.


APIs to the rescue

The Embedding API

The Embedding API allows you to integrate the Frameright web editor into any system, so you can bring the power of our UI directly into your website, application or platform.

The Publishing API

The Publishing API generates correctly framed images based on the metadata in the master image file. You can then use your own CDN to deliver the images, or use our partner CDN, which supports the metadata format natively.

The Automation API

If images don’t already contain relevant metadata the Automation API can auto-frame images. The best use of this API is to batch process large image sets, such as archives.

We firmly believe in "augmented intelligence." Integrating our browser-based application UI with your publishing system allows your daily users to enjoy a faster workflow and complete control over all images. It's the best way to combine the power of AI with a human touch. 

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